East Austin

The East side of Austin has undergone more change in the last five years than any other area in town. From the 11th street corridor project, new condos, and the emergence of the Manor restaurant corridor, East Austin is the most progressive area in town. The affordability of East Austin has drawn more artists and youth that formerly lived in south Austin. One just needs to check out E.A.S.T.- the East Austin Studio Tour- to realize what is really going on in this area. E.A.S.T. is an annual tour that allows hundreds of art patrons to visit the artist’s studios in the neighborhoods and buy directly from them. For all intensive purposes Central East Austin runs from Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake) up to airport.

Central East Austin from about 1st street to Manor consists of a collection of renovated bungalows, modern new construction, and various modern condo complexes. Many new restaurants and bars have opened and continue to do so to meet the needs the new residents in this area. After a lengthy delay, light rail has started service and runs from Downtown to Leander. East Austin homes can run you $80K for a flat style condo up to 500K for an ultra modern house. There are plenty of “fixer uppers” in this area and many lots available for new construction.

Upper Central East Austin turns into more cohesive neighborhoods like French Place and Cherrywood. East Austin homes in these areas are generally original and have undergone quite a few remodels in recent years. French Place and Cherrywood homes range from 150k up to around 500K with square footage from 700 to 2000. The closer that you get to airport the larger the homes and the lots are. This is one area of Austin that doesn’t get as much notice as areas like Hyde Park but really does have a ton of charm. Also there are some great restaurants on Manor like Hoovers, East Side Café, Vivo’s , and El Chile.