Hyde Park

The Hyde Park neighborhood in Austin, Texas was founded in the 1890’s by Morton Shipe, after which the neighborhood’s current park is named. Truly one of Austin’s quintessential neighborhoods, Hyde Park is really a city within a city. Most of the neighborhood is centered around the pocket of commercial development on 43rd/Red River. This area contains a bakery, grocery store, laundry mat, bar and well regarded restaurants. Hyde Park effectively runs east of Guadalupe, North of 38th, South of 51st, and west of Duval.

Hyde Park homes, with their large front porches and wide, tree lined streets, take you back in time. Originally an upper class neighborhood consisting of larger mansions with sprawling lawns, Hyde Park has evolved into one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Austin. Many of those large homes still exist, but there has been an influx of smaller homes, condos, and apartments. The influx of housing is in large part due to the high number of students and faculty at nearby University of Texas. Hyde Park’s growth has been driven by its favorable location for downtown professionals and government employees who want to live close to work.

Homes in Hyde Park have a median price of $350K. The size and price of the homes vary widely, but the range is typically $300K to $600K and occasionally reaches the one million mark for the historic homes. The look and feel of Hyde Park also extends into the surrounding neighborhood of the Highlands and Skyview. These homes are generally a bit smaller and have a lower median price of $200K.

Schools for the area are Lee Elementary, Kealing Middle school (Math and Science magnet school), and McCallum High (fine arts magnet). Hyde Park is a do not miss for Halloween Trick or Treating. Watch as waves of costumed kids and their costumed parent’s parade up and down the avenues of Hyde Park.