Windsor Park

Come check out the diverse community of homes and their residents in Windsor Park Austin, Tx. Windsor Park borders the Mueller development and lies north of 51st and south of 290. It is composed of classic single story 50’s ranch style homes that are generally between 900 and 1500 sqft. It is also bordered by adjacent neighborhoods with larger homes like Delwood , University Hills, and Meadowbrook.

Windsor Park homes have seen a drastic increase in value over the last few years after the closing of the Mueller Airport and its subsequent development. Windsor Park is a unique neighborhood in Austin as it is still relatively affordable with prices that range from 120K to 250K. It has a convenient location to central Austin and is currently enjoying the expanding array of eateries and shops along Cameron and 51st. A new grocery store is also expected to open in early 2011. With the Mueller development set to expand over the next decade look for Windsor Park to continue to be one of the hottest neighborhoods in Austin.